Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Iris Time

How quickly plants develop in the Spring!  Iris is about to burst into bloom, as are peonies.  The lilac bushes are fragrant.  Sweet William now makes its appearance and adds to the purple-pinks -- the first blooms of the season.

Grass needs to be mowed again and the light rain will help it grow.  Of course, that means hayfields, too, thankfully.

Life is busy, busy.  I'm losing the race against time and will soon accept that I cannot keep up with the pace of Mother Nature.  So, I do what I can do and try to be philosophical about it.


CountryDew said...

I wish I had peonies.

Redhen said...

That could probably be arranged, Anita. I think there are some little plants that can be transplanted.

Don't you love the scent?

CountryDew said...

My grandmother had peonies and they remind me of her. I think they are lovely.

I would be glad to buy some off of you, if they aren't too expensive. I don't recall ever seeing any at a nursery although surely they must be there.

Redhen said...

I'll GIVE you a little plant. The only thing is that you might need to come by as I don't think it would fare well sitting in my car somewhere for any length of time. A good time to transplant one would be on a rainy day.