Thursday, March 10, 2016

Spring Cleaning

I hurt my back shoveling out the goose house after the flood from snow runoff receded.  Now, it is ready for my idea to line the floor with metal to keep varmints from chewing through.  My neighbor says he'll help and will use some of the old flat metal he's collected.  If that doesn't work out, I've measured the old used tin roofing we've got piled around the farm.  This is war! 

I'm also planning on installing metal siding to the back and sides.  YouTube has some great videos which provide instruction in the installation.

Today, I started on the chicken house cleaning.  It was also impacted a bit by seeping water.  Yesterday, I repaired one of the coops that had rusted out chicken wire.  I replaced it with hardware cloth and found the old door for the coop and installed it.  A coop a day seems reasonable until my back heals.

The big barn is next.  All the wasted hay on the floor will be unnecessary as it warms up.  We've had a couple days of unseasonable heat, but I think that will correct itself soon.  Tonight's rain will cool us down and we're sure to get more cold weather this month and next.

I've ordered chicks and need to get the brooder ready.  I've also ordered pullets and have a spare coop just about ready for them until they are integrated into the flock.

The pear trees were growing straight up to the sky, so I pruned all but one.  As I stood on the ladder with my small chain saw, it occurred to me that there was a certain amount of inherent danger of physical injury, so I asked the men if someone would just lop off the two remaining vertical branches the next time they are cutting down cedars and wild cherry in the pastures.

Spring bulbs are emerging and daffodils are ready to bloom.  Trees and shrubs are showing leaf buds.