Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I'm hanging on through the heat and humidity.  I really hate July and August.

We've had a little rain now and then.  It came down for a reasonable time yesterday afternoon.  That is most welcome.  It's been in the nineties steadily.  Tomatoes and peppers are developing nicely in the garden.  I've got a healthy looking eggplant growing in a pot up on the porch. 

Since I've taken the time to plant lettuce successively, there is plenty for salads.  Squash is out of control.  There are more spaghetti squashes than I can bake, scrape out and freeze, as I'm just about out of freezer space.  We have enjoyed one of several nice red meated watermelons and there are numerous cucumbers in the cooler from the first planting.  A new crop of long oriental cukes are going to be ready later this week.  The chickens are getting squash deliveries daily.

On Sunday, I planted lettuce and Brussels sprouts because I know this is the time to do so for a Fall crop.  If I can manage to breathe, I'll plant cabbage and broccoli this week.

The crows are picking off the pears in all day thieving sessions.  They are not even ripe, so I don't know what the fascination is with them.  Maybe they just love pears.  Meanwhile, I'm trying to protect the nearly ripe peaches and day lilies from deer and a menagerie of other would-be thieves by playing a radio all night along with blinking Christmas lights.  It is truly Christmas in July on our farm.