Wednesday, July 22, 2009


This has got to be a quick post. There is much work to do during this time of year and not enough hours in the long days to do it in.

Blackberries are producing so I pick early in the morning every other day, picking enough so that I can continue the winemaking on a daily basis. On alternate days, I pick beans, cucumbers, and squash and wash and package them for marketing. Tomatoes and peppers have begun to develop on the plants, as well as winter squashes. I harvested mini blue hubbard squashes already and fed the vines to the chickens.

Of course, the animal chores must be done daily and herbs picked and dried, some attempt at yardwork and maintenance, eggs need to be gathered -- and a little baking for market -- pickling and preserving -- keep the house(s) fairly neat -- buy supplies occasionally -- well, you see how it is. 'Not much time to chat, much less sleep.

But that's the way the seasons go, and Winter will make up for Summer's hustle bustle. I am thankful that we are getting some rain this Summer and that the temperatures are not as high as last year.