Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Angry Bird

It is hot and sticky.  'Nothing new -- but unpleasant.

There have been recent bear sightings of a "good sized" bear crossing into my land from the common road.  This has given new credence to some about the bent bird feeder stake.

The "chicken house geese" have been relocated to the pond and so far, bloodshed has been averted with the other group of geese.  I took great pains to repair the old duck house for them, but so far, they will not go in consistently for the night.

Meanwhile, all chicks, including the 24 Americaunas from the hatchery, have graduated into the general population and are learning to co-exist with the older chickens.  They all know to return to their coops at night so that I can tuck them in and close the doors to keep predators away.  I think they are all very smart.

Mr. Beep, the peacock, recently had two visitors, both similar peacocks which came right into our zoo netting and walked into the chicken house.  I guess he thought his prayers for a mate had been answered.  They managed to go in and out by mysterious means for about two weeks before I figured out who they belonged to.  My neighbor became the fearless peacock trapper and we got them back to their home.  Mr. Beep is desolate once again.  The chickens simply are not impressed by his magnificent mating display, but I am always complimenting him on its beauty!

There is a house finch, which looks just like one of the Angry Birds, who has been tapping with his large orange beak and flinging himself into the windows around my bedroom for months. He is red with black around his face.  I thought surely he would have tired of this behavior a long time ago, but he keeps on.  The frequency and the fury has abated somewhat.  I'd guess that's because he's probably given himself brain damage.

Gladiola bulbs that I bought in a large cheap bag, not really expecting much of, have grown and are currently blooming.  I love the way they look in a vase in the house.