Thursday, December 22, 2011

Over the Hump

Happy Solstice!

The sky was pale pink this morning and we are having very mild weather.  I'm making progress with the pruning and outside clean up.  I've got plans for the greenhouse when it gets wet and cold.  That's when I'll attend to inside tasks.

Inside the greenhouse this morning, I noticed Spring-like activity.  There is the start of new growth on some of the plants which died down at the end of Summer.  Jade trees and klanchoe are ready to bloom just as the Christmas cactus has just about finished.  Odd, as this is the first day of Winter here.

Something I witnessed this week that touched me deeply:  an octogenarian was getting out of the motorized shopping cart and stood up with the aid of her aluminum walker.  Her husband extended his hand and they slowly exited the supermarket hand in hand.  Everyone around was patient and gave them room.  I walked to my car, wiping away a tear.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hey, Moon!

Rosy fingered dawn, my eye!  'More like a burglar's flashlight shining in to my window at 5 a.m.!

The moon's sitting out in the northwest in the blackness staring at me while I type at my desk.  Soon, the sun will make an appearance and take away some of the chill.

Yesterday morning, I noticed (for the first time in my life?) that all the shadows cast by outbuildings on the farm were frosty.  What a revelation.

I've continued my manure hauling each dry day, placing the non-hot goat manure around trees and in flower beds.  All the buds are already on the trees prefiguring the Spring to come.  Nature is an optimist.

Friday, December 02, 2011

December: Bright and Chilly

There was a  heavy frost this morning, but the sun was shining as the geese walked on water briefly.  They broke through the ice and by mid-afternoon the ice was gone.

Suddenly, most of the trees are leafless.

Tomorrow, we will work on winter-proofing the big barn by covering the gates with plywood to keep the drafts down.

I've been hauling buckets of half-composted goat manure up the hill to act as mulch and fertilizer for the fruit trees.  I've got to transplant some of the many butterfly bushes which planted themselves in my vegetable garden.   There is also, mysteriously, a beauty berry bush. 

It's good weather for this work.