Sunday, August 17, 2014


August's halfway over and it hasn't been too bad this year.  Today is a bit humid for my taste, but it isn't quite up to ninety.  The nights have been reasonably cool and actually we had a lot of lower temperatures this month during the day.

The morning glories I let grow in my vegetable garden are living up to their name.  Beautiful blue flowers greet me.  There are so many butterfly bush volunteers that at mid-morning the butterflies are all over the fenced-in area.  If you were so inclined and had nothing better to do, you could pull up a lawn chair and watch the zucchinis grow!

I have serious zucchini fatigue this year.  Luckily the chickens like them.  And yes, I've made zucchini bread and even zucchini lasagna.  Enough.  The best thing I did with them is make "noodles" with a little gadget and froze bags of them.  Hopefully, I'll enjoy them when it is cold and there is snow on the ground.  By then, zucchini will seem like a good idea.

Listening to the old timey bluegrass radio show today, I heard one of the Carter sisters sing a song about going back home to Texas.  It was probably a recording from the 1930s.  She sang, "I am weeping like a willow; I am mourning like a dove."

I've never heard that song before.  It's probably famous in Texas.