Monday, January 09, 2017

Life on the Frozen Tundra

Hi.  'Long time no post. 

I've been busy doing stuff around the farm.  The farm shop, for instance, is completely cleaned out and re-organized.  I've even fixed some furniture that had been sitting in there for years.  I now have a handle on what tools I have and can find them fairly quickly when I need to do repairs.  Yay!  It's good.

My neighbor found the time to remove the double door on the end wall, which had de-laminated and was shredding in the strong Autumn winds.  He and a friend put up 2 X 4's in the wall and used the metal siding I bought last year to completely cover the outside of the end wall.  Inside, we installed some pegboard where the double door had been.

I hired another neighbor/friend to replace the shop door and storm door.  What an improvement.  The old storm door looked like it'd been run over by a large truck.

When they get time, the guys will finish re-siding the rest of the building.

My sights are now on the old garage, which will keep me busy for another year, most likely.

The chickens are laying up a storm and with any luck, all the goats are pregnant and due to kid in March and April.

We got about five inches of snow on Friday night.  Since the temperatures have been in the teens and single digits over the weekend, the snow and ice remain.  It will be up in the 60s by the end of the week.

Surprisingly, the Angry Bird is still at it.  He is a smallish cardinal.  I've tried reasoning with him, yelling at him, and scaring him, all to no avail.  A couple of us think that he is the reincarnation of someone who was close to me, but I'm not sure what to do about it.  This guy just keeps bashing his head against the window.  I wish he would make peace with his life and go about some more productive business.

When it is this cold, I spend a lot more time inside.  I read and stream movies and find inside stuff to do.  I've gotten more involved in politics lately and am thinking that since I write this blog mostly for myself, I may express some of my ideas about current events.  So:  warning.  If you don't want to read opinions from the liberal side of the street, you may want to look elsewhere for entertainment.