Sunday, March 31, 2013


I didn't realize that March 31st would be Easter when I filled the incubator with eggs three weeks ago.  The hatch began on time and we have little chicks.

The chickens are laying a lot of eggs and the geese and duck have also started hiding their eggs in odd places around the pond.

There was a big sale on ducklings last week when my husband and grandson were in Tractor Supply.  We have a box of quackers in the basement because it is still a bit chilly to try to moderate the temperature in the brooders in the shed.  Oh, believe me, I am looking forward to a time when the nighttime temperatures will stay above freezing consistently!

After snow and sleet last week, the apricot and peach trees are showing buds and the magnolia tree is actually blooming.

I've started cleaning up the vegetable garden and bought seeds for planting.

So, this year we have all the stereotypical Easter elements and we can clearly see where all the traditions started -- with Mother Nature!

Monday, March 04, 2013


March came in like a lion and, so far, is still acting pretty lion-like.   It is very cold and we are expecting snow today and tomorrow.