Friday, July 19, 2013

The Corn is as High as An Elephant's Eye

Yes, corn is doing very well this year as evidenced by fields all around.  Tomatoes are also having a bang up year.  They have planted themselves all over my vegetable garden, in ditches along the driveway, and at the entrance to our porch.

On the other hand, cucumbers (MY cucumbers) have done nothing of note.  I'm resigned to buying them in the supermarket.  The second planting of golden arrow zucchini is producing and the eggplant makes beautiful little long purple fruits.  Peppers are out of proportion to their leaves, but I'm waiting for them to turn red.

Blackberries are finally getting plump and ripe.  Unfortunately, the heat and humidity and the flooding make accessing them a bit problematic.  I find myself having to devise a land route to get to high places.  Our pond is more than twice its normal area.  The geese and ducks have been flooded out of their houses.  We opened the gate to the pond and they are using part of the hayfield for drying out and lounging.  This is especially ironic because last Fall we had to bring a hose down to the pond to deliver well water for them.  We could see the bottom of the pond and it was dry!  It has rained nearly every day of June and July.

The weather has also affected some insect life cycles:   so far, NO June/July bugs in the blackberries!  If they return to get drunk on overripe berries we may have to call them August bugs.  'Don't know.  Will report back.  I will miss their drunken carousing.

Making hay has been a nightmare.  Just when we have a couple of rainless days and cutting and raking are progressing, a sudden storm crops up, making all soggy and stopping the baling.  This first harvest will not be very good, assuming it gets under cover.  Maybe there will be a second cutting later on.  Grass is growing very well.

Pears hang heavy on the trees.  I'm hoping they can ripen before the birds attack them.