Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spring, Continued

We've had some hot days and some moderate days and some decidedly chilly days so far this month.  That's Spring for ya. 

The main thing is that it has rained a good bit of the time and that makes things grow.  After the big electrical storm last week, large trees showed green leaves and the redbuds revealed pink.  The weeping cherry burst into pink blossoms.  Peonies not only sprouted up from the ground, they already have their little globe buds.  Lilacs are just barely in bloom, and so it goes.

The plastic garden was pretty much torn to shreds by winter winds this year.  It looks to be in total disarray, but I am slowly putting it back in order with my grandson's help.  I did a lot of clean up and pulled weeds.  We brought in new heavy junk to keep the replacement plastic in place.  It's progressing.  Cattle panels attached to fence posts serve the dual purpose of keeping plastic down and of providing vertical growing stations.  Peas, cucumbers, tomatoes and squash will be planted at their bases.

The peas I planted are already up.  Ten blueberry bushes have new growth and blossoms.  Different varieties of berries have leafed out and have suckers growing at the base of the main plants.  We've been eating the beautiful kales that overwintered in a circle planted in the Fall.  Lettuces and other leafy crops are just tiny plantlets in the bed I weeded.

The six ducklings have graduated to a coop in the chicken house with the sole female mallard who had been out on the pond.  Their messes had progressed to the point where this became necessary.  Eventually, all ducks will go outside on the pond.  They are still yellow fuzz, with feathers just beginning to form.  I'd want them all white and feathered before they are introduced to deep water.

The chicks, on the other hand, are tiny but beautifully feathered out.  They remain in the large brooder in the shed and won't go to the chicken house until they are big enough to defend themselves.