Thursday, February 19, 2015


We are deep in the deep freeze this week.  It was in the minus zero range last night and won't get past 9 degrees F today.  We got eight inches of snow a couple of days ago and the Governor declared a State of Emergency!  The county was closed.  There was no garbage pickup and no mail delivery on Tuesday.  The schools are closed.

I guess that Virginia is technically the South.

I managed to drive down the hill in my UTV even before a neighbor came around with a snow plow.  I put my lone trash can out on the road.  It's still sitting there.  Yesterday, after taking care of the animals, I saw the sun come out and knew that it was my big chance to get out and get a haircut and buy some supplies.  I made a break for it.  It worked out really well because when I got home just after noon, the next weather event was starting.  It was this current cold front and a light coating of new snow.

The forecast is for more interesting weather and a warming trend with rain.  That sounds jolly and exciting.