Friday, May 26, 2006

Ducky Day

A funny thing happened this week at the Lexington VA Farmer's Market. We participants are usually busy setting up, interacting with customers and keeping records of transactions.

A lady I'd met last week brought me two Pekin drakes to take to my pond, as she had too many and her sole duck was being overmated. They were in an old cage, and I put the two Bobs* in the shade in the adjoining empty parking space while I attended to business.

After a while, someone said, "Take a look at the ducks." I did and was surprised to see a class of preschoolers sitting on the curb to take a close look at the drakes without touching them. It seems that every kid who came to the market with the vendors or shoppers had been over to check them out. I even had several adults come over and ask questions about ducks. If we'd been allowed to sell livestock, I'm sure I could have sold them several times over.

They have now been integrated with my homebase pen of Pekin ducklings at the second pond. This morning, I let them all out with the geese and Runner ducks.

*All the drakes on my farm are named, Bob. That's because they do not quack like the ducks (females). They whisper, "bob bob bob."

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mr. Mom

Well, it's definitely Mothers' Day down in the goat barn. Harvey Llama has been babysitting for them. Sometimes he has ten or more babies on his back, sliding down, or jumping off. He is very patient.

There are 48 new babies, therefore it is time to come up with 48 names.

The first thirteen are Hubba Bubba's babies. They will get names that start with the letter "U." I have named three so far. There will be a list in the right hand column to indicate which ones have been named.

The rest will get names that start with the letter, "V." They are Bosephus' babies. I've named two, so far.

I'm "The Decider", but you can suggest good names by leaving a comment. My grandson submitted a long list of names, so I'm sure many will come from that, but often people suggest great names that hadn't occurred to me.

By the way, Happy Mother's Day to all!

Thursday, May 11, 2006


For those of you who are wondering: 47 as of yesterday afternoon. The majority are female.

This may be the end. I'm tired -- been weeding out lamb's quarters. I'll post again when I feel better.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Silence of the Lamb's Quarters, Part II

Yes, they seem harmless enough when small -- even though they are already as large, or larger than the planted seedlings and obscure their presence. After the rain, they'll be gigantic, looming treelike plants: silent, but nevertheless deadly!

It is a horror movie in the making, and they must be stopped!

My friend, Pamela, has sent me the URLs of some sites which claim that lamb's quarters is extremely nutritious, , is one. She says she LOVES lamb's quarters and that it is delicious.

I have invited her and all her friends to come and harvest as much as they want, but I know a sure way to rid the garden of it. As soon as I find a paying market for it, it will surely disappear, never to be seen again.

So, in the meantime the chickens and guineas are getting buckets of the tender delicacy delivered to their yard. I may be wrong, but it seems that even they, who love weeds, are getting a little tired of it.

On the goat front: Old Ethel, the Cashmere goat, managed to have two good sized baby goils yesterday afternoon. That makes 38, folks.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

The Silence of the Lamb's Quarters

Another two new babies this morning, for a current count of 36. As you can see from the picture at the left, they are looking like a miniature herd -- and that's just just about a third of them!

The land is looking lush and green. Verdant is a good word to describe the landscape. We got a little rain yesterday.

In between barn checks and cleaning, I tried to weed a little in the vegetable garden. Lamb's quarters (the weed) is growing at least as quickly as beets and cabbages. If I don't get it out now, I'll be dealing with tree-sized weeds in a few weeks. I've been picking asparagus on a regular basis. The tulip poplar trees are in bloom and sweet william has joined in.

Friday, May 05, 2006


Somehow we've managed to get up to 34 baby goats. That was when I left the barn last night. Management is tiring, but necessary. Things will even out eventually and I'll feel less fried. More details later.