Thursday, April 07, 2011

Redbud in Bloom

I saw one redbud ready to bloom in the woods on Saturday.  Today, they are prominent on the edges of the pastures.

We're having a little respite from goat births for the past few days.  I think there will be another wave before the end of the month -- and then it will be over, because the buck was only here for a month.

All is pretty copacetic in the barns.  In the big barn, which is maze-like, fifteen or twenty babies will play a breakneck game of follow the leader.  They race through the barn from end to end and through the fenced pasture.  Sometimes, they are so intent on the game that they run into me as I try to make my way to do one task or another.

Baby goats are happy to be alive and full of energy.  Mothers' milk is making them strong and heavy to pick up!  The life force is strong.  They can now leap atop tall buildings in a single bound.  Well, at least they are jumping up onto the top of the little plastic dog house in the hallway.  Eventually the sudden need for sleep will hit and they will pile inside for a nice, warm nap.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

March Went Out Like a Lion

We even had some snow flurries yesterday morning -- April 1st -- no joke.  I am UDDERLY (and utterly) exhausted.  We are up to well over 70 new kids, but it seems to be nearly over.  We had a single newborn yesterday afternoon.

To think that I was under the impression that kidding would just be starting about now!  I guess I need to be a little more careful about counting days.  We were caught a little off guard and the small pastures need fence repairs before we can turn them out on a dry day.  I'm hoping that will be addressed today while we have our Saturday helper.  Now, if we could just have a dry, warm, sunny day...

I sold one of my last Nubians with her two fat baby doelings yesterday.  There are two Nubians left.  We are nearly all white with brown heads now.  'Get 'em while they're hot.  By the way, Brambleberry Farm will be a good place to purchase new breeding stock this year.

I hope to start tagging, worming, and wethering, but need courageous and strong helpers.