Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Three Sopranos

Popping in to let you all know that the plastic garden (cross your fingers) is doing well. We really, really need rain and there are some clouds building and the perennial "chance" of thundershowers today. (Double cross your fingers.)

We have a new set of triplet goatlings (bucklings) born last week. Mother is very sick and can't stand up to nurse them, so I'm bottle feeding them three times a day. It doesn't leave much time to do everything else. I'm having to milk out the last of what the goats who kidded months ago have left and supplement with store-bought milk. I used up the last of my store of frozen colostrum the first day or so.

I may have to catch a cow -- many have recently freshened with calves -- and get a good supply of fresh milk for these hungry, hungry little guys. I'm calling them the three sopranos, as they greet me with much anxious high-pitched singing...

Mike, I replied to your comment in the "comments" section of the last post. I'm wondering where your farm is located.


Leslie Shelor said...

Wow, taking care of three hungry baby boys makes for a busy time, indeed!

Looks like rain here today; hope you get some, too! Are you still doing farmer's markets?

Redhen said...

'Not doing farmers markets this year. The cost of gas and energy makes it harder to justify economically. Anyway, the garden's slow this year.

We had a sudden downpour this evening as I was milking goats to get enough to feed the little guys.