Sunday, June 17, 2007

Lavender and Raspberries

Imagine my delight at finding that the red raspberries have begun to produce. I picked a quick pint and then checked to see if the black raspberries are ready. They need a couple of days, but, hey, we're in the berries! Asparagus are still producing. It's an odd year. We're about a month behind schedule.

Yesterday, I cut lavender and hung it in bunches to dry.

We baled some more hay in a couple of small fields.

Here's an update on the plastic garden. Forget about the Thursday pictures, I obviously can't keep to that kind of schedule. I'll post pictures when I can. Not too much difference in a long shot, but we're definitely making progress.


med said...

There are numerous laboratory studies documenting the cancer prevention effects of raspberries.

Mike said...

Just curious about something (and can't find another, more appropriate way to contact you)... The Brambleberries your farm is named for, are these the same things as Blackberries or Brambles? That would be a cool coincidence, then, since our (tiny) farm is "Braamekraal" -- which translates to "Bramble" errrr... Kraal?... for all the wild Blackberry bushes in the area (which are really quite a weed!)

Redhen said...

Right, these are what are referred to as blackberries or brambles. There are quite a variety of types of berries all over the farm. We have a large goat herd and the cows also eat some, but there are plenty to pick for wine and jam.

Multiflora rose is another weed which the goats love to eat. Some bright guy at some point in history introduced this for erosion control in this area.

It seemed like a descriptive name for our farm.

Where are you? We might be "sister farm" with the same name.