Saturday, June 02, 2007


Last week, I learned to use the hay rake on the tractor and I raked the hay prior to baling. Driving the tractor is challenging enough, but I had to figure out which direction to go; drive and rake safely on rolling hills; push the right buttons and pull the right levers.

Wow! I thought: sixty and driving heavy machinery and still learning new things.

I must be losing my marbles.

Anyway, we got 47 big round bales and about 25 small square ones. They're under cover. Now, it would be okay if it would rain. Please?


rhonda jean said...

good for you! I'd love to have all that hay.

Leslie Shelor said...

You go, girl! said...

Rock on! I never would have imagined "starting over" at almost 50 by starting a homestead and working much harder than I ever did in my "youth". We're only as old as we allow ourselves to feel. You and I have a lot more left in us and a lot more to learn!

I love reading of your adventures. Keep doing what you're doing!