Saturday, July 14, 2007


When your own mother calls to see if you're okay -- she reads this blog periodically to see what I'm doing -- it's time to update.

Life since the birth of the three sopranos has been very, very busy. Add to the fact that the blackberries are ready for picking now and the garden is in need of reclamation (It's a jungle out there, disorder and confusion everywhere...), three bottle feedings a day, each consisting of 8 oz. milk and 8 oz. water for each of three, and it really adds up.

That's 3 X 6 bottles = 18 bottles a day.
18 X 7 days = 126 bottles a week.
126 X 4 weeks = 504 bottles a month.

This will go on for at least two, maybe three months.

Momma goat is trying hard to get up, but still can't quite do it. She won't be able to make milk at any rate. In order to get all the milk for all those bottles, I must milk three other goats first thing in the morning every morning.

This is cutting into my time to do everything else. I find myself coming in from the barn at 10 p.m. some days and am totally sleep deprived, as I get up at 5:30 a.m.

Here's a flight of fancy: people just LOVE to bottle feed little goats. If I were to charge, say $5.00 for a person to give a kid a bottle, that would be 18 X $5 = $91.00 a day.
$91 X 7 = $630.00 a week! I obviously need to start a petting farm. I also obviously need to get more sleep.
Nevertheless, if you know anyone who would really like to experience bottle feeding a goat kid, let me know.

As far as the plastic garden, I tried to take a picture of some of the squash today and got a message on my palm pilot telling me that the battery is low. It's recharging as I type.

I'll get some photos up tomorrow if the weather be good.

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