Monday, August 22, 2011

Nooks and Crannies

I heard a radio announcer refer to "late summer" and I became aware that we are nearly through the sweaty time of year.

There have been some lower humidity days, but it's up and down.  I'm waiting for weather conducive to weeding and pruning.  Rain has been elusive for us.  It's evidently soaking nearby areas, but we are either in a nook or a crannie of the Blueridge which is being overlooked by the rain fairy.  The lawn crunches when you walk over it.

If you go down the hill early enough, there is a contingent of wild turkey that walks the lower hay field.  They are pretty bold, knowing that it's off-season for hunters.  A gray crane flies to the goose pond each morning.  There is so little water that frog gigging must be a breeze.

The geese, who ate little feed during the mating and nesting season, now wait expectantly at the gate in the late afternoon.  They are fattening up for winter already.

Apples and figs are ripening quickly and I am straining to keep up with the processing.

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