Sunday, July 16, 2006

July Bugs

Why do they call them June Bugs? The drunken July Bugs are flying into buildings after becoming satiated on blackberry juice. At times, I forget that they are knocking themselves out en masse as they fly into the house. I hear the noise and wonder if it is (miraculously) raining.

They fall onto the porches and after sleeping it off, fly off to do it again.

Sometimes, I find one sleeping right on a berry out in the field. Drunken sots.

We don't see or hear them until July, when the blackberries are ripe. The only other activity I'm aware of is that they mate: scads of them were having an orgy on one part of our lawn yesterday. I guess they must assure the world that there will be more July Bugs next year.

Ah, well, at least they have a jolly life during the month of July! What they do the rest of the year is a mystery to me.

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