Friday, July 07, 2006

Cows and Blackberries

I was engaged in picking wineberries the other evening, when I looked up and found myself surrounded by cows. We have thirty, so if you're thinking that cows are large and noisy, you are wrong. Cows are capable of great stealth and cooperative effort.

I went over to my Kawasaki Mule, and found a note. It said, "Thank you for the thoughtful snack. Next time, don't bother with the buckets, just dump them in the truck bed so we don't have to."

Yes, there had been several buckets of blackberries back there and since I hadn't seen any cows in the vicinity, I didn't think twice about parking the Mule and finishing up.

Oh, well. I wasn't even that mad about it, because the moment was so magical. Cool nights and mornings and berries sweet and plump from the recent rains are allowing for some concentrated picking. The cows are going to have to pick their own from now on, though!

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Leslie Shelor said...

I would never have thought about the cows stealing the blackberries! Glad you were able to take it in good humor; sounds like a lovely evening!