Friday, January 16, 2009

Currently Reading

It's four degrees this morning. I won't be lingering out in the barns today. It'll be a matter of doing the basics quickly and getting back inside somewhere.

I've knitted a pair of socks (pink) which I'll try out today to keep my feet warm. 'Been writing, reading, sorting, and catching up on little computer- and telephone-related jobs for the Farmers' group. I'll probably also work on lesson plans for the semi-advanced cheesemaking workshop which I'd like to offer in the next couple of months. Some baking is in order. That'll warm up the kitchen.

Anyway, it's come to my attention that there are actually people in this world who care to read about what I'm reading currently. I've just finished John Grisham's, The Innocent Man which I highly recommend. John Grisham's books are books I read in a matter of a few days. I'm sure I could read one in a day if I did not have other responsibilities.

If you read The Innocent Man, you'll probably become aware, quickly, of the widespread injustice in our "justice system." It'll make you mad. That will make you warmer. This is true crime, not fiction.

Right now, I'm reading Frank McCourt's, Teacher Man: A Memoir. This book will warm your heart. There is something so engaging in McCourt's humor and intelligent writing that makes it enjoyable. He manages to inject a bit of pathos while making you smile. Would this be a wry smile, then?

I was a teacher for many years, and I relate to some of the comments about the strange system of American education and the little regard the public has for teachers. It's ironic that good teachers are so little appreciated. Actually, I was surprised that teaching is something I'm good at. I find that I'm learning as I'm teaching. I dream about it sometimes, but would hesitate for a long time before considering taking it on again.

The most hopeful thing I found in this book is that McCourt did not publish his first book Angela's Ashes: A Memoir until he was 66 years old. His second book, 'Tis: A Memoir was published three years later. There's time for me yet!

Well, as I finish writing this, I notice it is up to 8 degrees. Time to suit up and get out to the barn. Today, I think I'll wear one of every color and make sure nothing matches.

Ta ta.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Winter Update

Since the Solstice, I've been surprised by a few blooming plants in the greenhouse. Angel begonias and one of the stranger succulents (name unknown) have flowers.

The chickens are also laying more eggs.

The baby goats in the maternity are now almost too heavy for me to lift. They seem nice and healthy. That's a good thing, because udders are growing in the big barn and I anticipate another population boom in the next month.

We're expecting some single digit nights starting on Thursday. I'm not looking forward to it. So far, no snow to speak of.

I'm reading, sorting files for taxes, and doing other indoor jobs because it's so uncomfortable outside. We ordered garden seeds on the weekend. I'm taking time each day to learn some new software.

That's all the exciting news for now.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Year and Life in the Slow Lane

Yesterday morning, I sat at this desk looking out on a sky filled with pink tinged clouds. Those clouds stayed all day and into the night. The wind was howling and blowing so much that the goats decided against venturing outside the barn.

This morning, the sky is clear and it is fifteen degrees outside with no wind at all.

I amused myself by reading some of my favorite blogs, shopping online, knitting on my second pink sock of the series, and watching the Forensic channel while doing inside chores.

Becky, at Peevish Pen, featured a quiz on Quizzila: What Druid Animal are You? She was an Earth Dragon! Exotic. Anita's comment was that she came out a Wise Salmon. That's pretty neat. So, I took the quiz.

Dog. Dog! What an insult. How un-exotic. Dog?

But, when I went back and read my profile, it suited me, I must admit.

Dog... Man's best friend and also an animal of guidance, loyalty and protection. You are a companion to friends in this life and in the next. You are a guardian of the Mysteries and can lead us over the threshold into the Goddesses realm. Protect all you hold sacred and share your experience with those who need it most.

Yep, that's me all right. Woof.