Friday, December 11, 2009

Water, Water Everywhere

The goose pond has overflowed its banks and there is shallow water all the way to the goose house. Run-off continues to trickle down from the surrounding hills -- that is, when it is warm enough for water to trickle.

We've had some pretty cold temperatures this week and it's slated to get down below 20 degrees F tonight. There was a freaky snowstorm last Saturday. It started snowing at about 7 a.m. and continued steadily for the next twelve hours, leaving several inches on the ground. During the week, it rained a couple of times so that the snow is gone, but the ice is keeping the livestock from drinking freely. I had to haul water from the greenhouse to the chickens this afternoon.

My bulgy eye is hurting and extremely light sensitive, so my husband is buying me an eye patch at the drugstore today.

Oh, boy. Now I can add to my normal winter farmer ensemble of old Army fatigue jacket, possibly purple pants (I have a pair of nice thick fleece ones), wild greying hat hair and AN EYE PATCH!

Arrrgh! I'll be a fierce pirate/soldier/farmer woman navigating the frozen goose pond. Ahoy, geese!

I like it. Who'd have thought I'd end up such a colorful character. Too bad it's not close to Halloween. I'd probably win some sort of contest for original costume.

1 comment: said...

And not a drop to drink.

I laughed out loud imagining you hoisting your pirate flag!

What a lot of rain/snow we have had. At least there was still some on the ground when the kids and i got home!