Monday, December 21, 2009

The Sun Stood Still

Today is Winter Solstice and the first day of Winter. It is the shortest day of the year, but tomorrow the day will be a little longer. We are now traveling toward the longest day, June 21st.

Hope is restored as we come out of the dark tunnel. Burn a yule log, celebrate Saturnalia, Christmas, or Hanukkah!

We got about two feet of snow over the weekend. This is unusual or "historical" as reported by the media, for this area in December. It was hard going through the snow to get to the chickens and goats.

The first thing I did was to pour four jugs of warm water into the heated buckets in the goat barn. It was gone within five minutes and only a few goats got a drink. I started to collect snow in a bucket to refill the heated bucket. Little lightbulbs appeared over the heads of the goats, as they realized that they could eat snow to quench their thirst.

Some would only eat snow out of buckets. The higher IQ goats made the connection and began to eat the new snow off the ground. They were VERY thirsty and ate snow for a long time.


CountryDew said...

Happy New Year! said...

I am glad for the longer days! And Happy New Year from us, too!

Leslie Shelor said...

Looks like it's just as cold and wintery in your area as here!

Thanks for stopping by the blog. I did make a dog sweater similar to what you are talking about. The way I did that one was to bind off a few stitches for each leg hole (can't remember for sure how many but maybe ten or twelve, depending on how bulky your yarn is. Then continue knitting around. When you come to the place where you bound off, cast on the same number of stitches with the backward loop method and then knit those on around.

Hope that is as clear as the icy mud we're dealing with!