Saturday, September 15, 2007

We've Turned the Corner

We seem to have turned the corner into near-Fall. It rained! yesterday and weeds can be pulled. (I'll be out there shortly this morning.) It is cooler and less humid. I can breathe. So can the cows and goats.

I've been selling watermelons and squash in large quantities and the cucumbers keep coming. The pumpkins have escaped the garden!! Help! They are developing everywhere and even growing up one of the farm buildings. The plastic garden is officially a success. I've even managed to find some ripe grape tomatoes, which I ate right in the garden.

On the pond front: Bob Duck, the last Pekin left after the duck massacre engineered by the foxes last year, has taken charge of the ten buff ducks on the near pond. He herds them in and out of their shelter and is showing them the ropes. I'm sure he's glad to be in the company of other ducks and not at the total mercy of the geese. They are sometimes mean to him.

The young geese and ducks have adjusted to life on the far pond and follow the lead of the older geese.

Chickens and guineas are enjoying a waterfowl-free house and yard. I've cleaned out all the coops and will tackle the main area and the goose houses soon.

Some more hay was cut and baled, but there is half a hayfield left to do when it dries out.

Goat maintenance has started since it cooled down. I'm able to do hoof trimming and worming and booster shots. We've begun grain supplements as much of the herd will be pregnant at this time. The cows are cycling through cross-fenced pastures.

It's a busy time, but at least the heat is at bay and we can proceed to do what needs to be done.

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