Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Mamma Sophie has a brand new boy as of today. I knew she was close, because yesterday she lost her mucous plug and her udder is huge. He seems fine. He let me touch him and check to make sure he is all right.

I've been a bit remiss in making birth announcements. Baby Binky is about a month old. He is Dinky's.

I spent the weekend finishing up the painting of the old farmhouse living room. For those of you who like to see "before and after" pictures, here it is all clean and white and waiting for carpeting and furniture:

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Patti Woodard said...

I do so love the babies, Red! The farmhouse looks all shiney and clean and I look forward to the finished room photos. I also love shots out of the windows that show the view or from the porch or wherever. It's always a favorite thing of mine to see the view. Thanks for the photos! Patti