Saturday, October 07, 2006

Full Harvest Moon

We didn't get to see the full harvest moon last night. It is gray, cloudy, cold, and rainy. I covered most of the brooder top with plastic and a beach towel, so that the babies are basking in 90 degrees out in the chicken house, despite the fact that it is in the 50s today.

There is one tiny quail chick in with the baby quail and chickens. It hatched out extra early and was the only quail to survive. You'd think it would be trampled by the much larger chicks, but they seem to be pretty considerate and it seems to think it is much bigger than it actually is! They are all beginning to grow feathers, which will help them deal with the cold.

We "wasted" this morning picking up building supplies for the interior of the greenhouse re-vamp and going to the Fall Festival in a nearby town. Carhart clothing, which many farmers around here wear regularly, was on sale at the clothing store in town. Live bluegrass music is a part of this festival. The bands were playing inside the tiny movie theater because of the cold. Normally, they'd be out in the midst of the crowds. We sat down in the last row for a few sets to get out of the wind. Speakers were set up to be heard in the street, where we looked at wares set out by intrepid local vendors.

This is bluegrass music country, for sure. There are so many very good groups, which include young and older musicians. It always amazes me how precise the playing is and how the players seem to enjoy themselves. This is still a unique American art/craft.

Two parties of bow hunters have been out in our woods today, the first day of hunting season.

We have about 500 square bales put up in the barn loft, thank goodness, and will cut more if the weather permits.


UKBob said...

I like the sound of the Fall Festival, I bet it was a right lot of fun. What are you doing to your greenhouse?

Redhen said...

Our greenhouse is used to overwinter plants that spend the summer in our outdoor courtyard. I also "babysit" potted daylilies over the winter for hybridizers; start vegetables and flowers early, etc.

We must replace the old furnace, so think we'll gang up three small vented propane heaters, one in each space. The new doors will allow us to control the temperatures in each space separately. I'm also putting new material on the floor. I'm trying lava rock in one small section. We've tried passive solar collection with questionable success. We've got some different water containers that may be better.