Sunday, March 26, 2006

Watching the Mountains Turn White

From our house, on top of a knoll, we have a 360 degree view of the Blue Ridge Mountains. I am watching the snow from a snowless vantage point. I can see that the mountains to the South and East are covered and that snow is only just now beginning to develop on some of the ones to the North. In the West, the tops are still green.

This is odd, because precipitation usually comes from the Northwest here.

It's chilly, but not very cold and the wind is picking up. I've noticed just a few snowflakes in the air. We had rain yesterday and some the day before, and it had the effect of setting my mind at ease, as it's been so dry for so long. The grass has greened up just a bit.

The vegetable garden's tilled, with good composted goat manure added. Peas and garlic are planted outside; greens and tomatoes are doing well in the greenhouse. I got an Earthway seeder which I need to assemble. Then I'll plant some beets and cabbage outside. For those of you who don't know, a seeder is a wheeled gadget which has seed plates inside a hopper. You put the seed in the hopper and then walk down the row with the seeder. It places the seed, properly spaced, in the garden row. I've always wanted one, so now will see just how well it works.

Annabelle (the cow) is in labor. Her udder is large and full. I've been watching her for days and hope all will go well.

Yesterday, we moved hay with the big tractor, rearranging the remains of a round bale in the barn so that the reserved kidding stalls all have a fresh supply. The cows also got a new round bale out in the pasture. I've been raking and cleaning out the other stalls in preparation for the expected kids. As I was trimming hooves, I noted the ear tag numbers of the "done" goats on the chalkboard we keep there. When I looked closely, I realized I'd actually put down the date when the buck, Hubba Bubba, came to visit: November 14th. That means we aren't expecting kids until April 13th, give or take...

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Leslie Shelor said...

These late March snows have been--interesting. We do need it, though, because of the dry weather. I'll be glad when it's warm enough to start thinking of planting here! Hope all goes well with Annabelle.