Sunday, March 12, 2006

Fruit Trees in Bloom

Yesterday, in the seventy-something temperatures, several fruit trees and a magnolia burst into bloom. I think they're beautiful enough to memorialize in photos. Now, I will really be worried about untimely frost and freezes. I was also lucky enough to see about twenty wild turkeys trotting and flying through one of the resting pastures. I'm really happy that we're creating a good environment for this type of wildlife on our farm.


Leslie Shelor said...

Oh, how beautiful! I'm not seeing much more than a bud or two, yet! Wild turkeys scooted across the lower end of the farm a few days ago; always grand to see them!

D L Ennis said...

I love seeing the fruit trees in bloom, mine are blooming too and your concern about frost or freeze is one that I share! Those Magnolia blossoms are beautiful!