Sunday, January 15, 2006

Welcome to My Mountain Farmstead!

I cleaned out the little greenhouse which has been holding junk that was better off placed in the newly floored shed. Now I have a place to harden off seedlings in the Spring. Our "shed complex" is in need of organization and repair, and I'm glad we've made some headway. It seems each time I figure out how to properly store tools and junk and stuff, I gain the ability to better use buildings like greenhouses.

There is now a pull-down ladder which allows me to climb up to the shed complex attic. Slowly all the plastic seeding flats, pots, containers, shade cloth, etc., etc. is going up there and the bigger greenhouse is able to be used for what it was intended for: plant growing.

All that stuff was left here from when this place was a plant nursery somewhere back in time and space.

And so it goes: the toolshed will get organized again as stuff and junk is moved to the newly accessible and useable spaces. Someday, we may actually be able to find what we need without climbing over piles. It's a good feeling and this is the time of the year to do it.

It's been mild weatherwise until last night. I planted pepper seeds in a flat in the greenhouse and placed it on a heated seedling mat. I'm ready to do the tomatoes in a week or so.

Last night the cold came along with the Full Wolf Moon. The wind howled in sympathy all night long. Sleep was elusive.

Cow Patty had her third calf over a week ago. My daughter-in-law named it, Noel.

I am happy to have found Verlyn Klinkenborg's blog, The Rural Life, online: Blog


fred said...

HiYa that this year's snow in your top image there? We've seen way too much ice and too little snow so far, in a season where we had tropical depressions cruising the gulf til two weeks ago!

Redhen said...

It sure is! We're having a little hiatus from snow right now, though. 'Just a few flakes on a sunny day today.