Saturday, January 21, 2006


Rain is in the forecast for today.

The fenceposts were placed yesterday for the new cross fencing project. Since it's been so mild, they were able to drill the holes easily with the auger placed on the tractor's PTO. The posts are then placed in the holes and tamped down with the tractor bucket.

We're moving along on that project. The placement of waterers is decided. Today, we'll take a look at the map and decide on where to place gates, including small "man gates" which we picked up cheap when the feed store was getting rid of excess inventory. It is important to me to have quick access to pastures when an emergency occurs or when a new baby needs to be taken to the barn.

My seed order arrived yesterday -- a big envelope from Fedco. I'll sort the packets into the clear shoeboxes in which I keep Leaf, Root, Squashes, Tomatoes and Peppers, etc. This helps me find what I'm looking for at the appropriate planting times. If time permits, I'll set up some boxes of soil for planting lettuce in the greenhouse.

Yesterday, I managed to move two large boxes of trays from the greenhouse to the shed attic to store. The trays are heavy and it takes many trips to move them in batches, so is pretty labor-intensive. Still, it's worthwhile in terms of making the greenhouse a better workspace.

I'm counting a new calf in the field and think maybe Lulubelle had hers. It's a matter of getting close enough to see Mama's ear tag to be sure, as she's a black Angus and baby is black, too. We think that Annabelle "has a string", so she's also on the baby-watch.

Late breaking news: Today's newborn calf, a heifer, black with white back legs. We're still working on a name.

Well, time to go see what I can accomplish today.

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