Monday, April 04, 2016

Pink Blossom World

On Easter, the redbuds were newly hot pink in the fields and hills.  All the fruit trees were in bloom.  Peonies, always a miracle, were up with their reddish foliage.  Some tulips were blooming, lilacs were all budded out and all looked jolly, right on astronomical cue.

As I cleared old dried lemon balm near the house, I accidently found a nest of baby Easter bunnies.  Since then, I've checked each day to see if they're still alive and, despite the recent cold nights and rain, they are!  Just placing my open palm over the place where the nest is tells me because it is very warm to the touch.  Mother rabbit must be secretly visiting to nurse, as they are growing.  She pulled out some of her own fur and lined the nest for maximum coziness.

I don't think I'm getting soft in the head yet, as I still don't love the wild rabbits that eat a lot of the plantings.  As a mammal, I'm just a sucker for cute furry babies.  They'll be gone soon, and I can get back to the gardening.

My deer proofing is being challenged by sustained fifty-mile-an-hour winds for the last three days.  I can confidently report that dollar store whirligigs don't quite hold up.  They've been collected and stored inside until things calm down and I can do some repairs.  One of the nice expensive wind chimes with a solar light has been blown to smitherines and I've yet to find all the pieces.

I guess it's all right, as I was worried that the plantings were starting to look a bit like "crazyland" and I can revise the arrangement after the repairs are made.  The deer WILL NOT deprive me of fruit and flowers this year!

A big group of around thirty wild turkey were walking through the middle of the hay field yesterday morning.  They were all females with their young -- a tribute to good wildlife management and the fact that hunters thinned out the "gobblers" on the last legal hunting day.  If there are too many Toms, they find the nests and break the eggs to keep the females breeding.

Speaking of eggs, I filled the incubator with chicken eggs and it's chugging away with its automatic turner.

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