Saturday, March 22, 2014


So, underneath all that snow daffodils were budding out.  Yesterday right on cue, there were lines of blooming daffs!  The Water Magnolia, very first to bud out of all the trees in my yard, has pale pink blossoms.  No leaves, just blossoms.

I hear today the temperatures will get into the low 70s.  That should get things going -- but tomorrow the weather see-saw will swing the other way and we'll probably be seeing a bit more snow this coming week.

'Think I'll pick a big bunch of daffodils and bring them inside to keep me company.

My pruning has been cumulative.  There are large piles of brush and branches.  I load up a couple of loads each warmish day and drive them up in the hayfield to dump.  There, they will compost and eventually disappear.  I am very lucky to have enough land that it absorbs the waste.

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