Monday, November 25, 2013

Bitter Cold

Today's weather had me searching for a pair of electric gloves online.  My fingers actually hurt, even long after I came back in after doing the morning chores.  Tonight it will snow/rain/freeze, making for a lively time tomorrow morning.

To be sure, I hadn't worn the usual two pairs of gloves with the hand warmer tucked in-between.  That will change while I'm waiting for my electric gloves to materialize.

We've moved the cows back to a field which still had some grass growing.  I get a thrill when I open the gate, call "Hey, cowie cowie!" and thirty cows come running. 

I finished putting plastic on the chicken house windows to make it a little more cozy.  Chickens seem able to withstand very cold temperatures.  I also plugged in the electric water bowls so that they have something to drink.

We have lists of indoor jobs to do during bad weather, but we've still got to take care of the basic needs of our flocks.

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