Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It's Raining, It's Pouring...

On Sunday morning, with the help of friends, we got about 500 square bales into the barn lofts.  By then, two old farmers had been turning bales in the field and lifting them onto hay wagons for two days and we had just about used up all of our aging muscle.

Last week was perfect for cutting, raking, and baling.  The temperature was down in the low eighties and the humidity low.  We got some good looking green hay.

We knew that rain was predicted for late Sunday, so it was imperative to keep going to get it all under cover.  There were the 22 round bales which could be moved by tractor into a shed, but the square bales, necessary for feeding the goats during the winter maternity season, required a more hands-on approach.  This is also a much more labor intensive procedure.

So, just as the last bale ascended up the hay elevator into the loft, it started sprinkling.  By the next morning, it was raining lightly but steadily.  Last night, I could hear the rain beating on the roof all night long.  This morning, it is still raining on the newly shorn fields and filling up the pond to the great delight of the geese.

It is 70 degrees this morning and we're expecting temperatures in the seventies during the days this coming week.  It is a relief to have lofts and sheds full of hay for the cows and goats.

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