Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Mother, May I?

So, we're into the merry month of May.  The first pale pink peony has opened up.  (I seem to be in an alliterative mood.)  Sweet William is prominent in the gardens and the air is full of the scent of wild rose.  The irises bloom -- each color seems to have its particular schedule. 

The goats are in their annual Spring mania, doing crazy, dangerous things and driving me to my own mania as a result.

In the kow kindergarten, we have six little ones and I have a feeling that there are more to come.  The grass is high in the  low pasture, so they'll be moved there soon.

It's hot and humid at present, although less than a week ago it was near freezing overnight.  Yep, it's Spring.  I've already frozen some asparagus and we had chard for dinner last night.

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CountryDew said...

We planted late - my husband still goes by the old calendar - so our early greens are just coming up.