Sunday, March 18, 2012

Marching Forward

All of the fruit trees are blooming in a profusion of pinks and whites. 

Yeah, I know there's probably still some cold weather in store, but we might as well enjoy it as there is no stopping nature.

Redbuds are beginning to soften the edge of the treelines.

I saw the first asparagus spear emerging from the ground.

Today, it is raining a little, so I'm taking advantage by dividing up peonies and daylilies and transplanting them to new locations.  I also planted some blueberry bushes.  I've been weeding vegetable beds and transporting the beautiful black compost from last year's pile.  We are going to make a new compost center and move our electric compost sifter to the same location.  Once we do it, I'll be shredding junk mail and cardboard and adding it in.  There is no shortage of manure from the goat barn and it's good to have a use for it all.

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