Thursday, October 20, 2011

Crisp and Cool

Click on photo to enlarge.

Rain last night and cooler temperatures this morning -- I pulled out my camera to capture some of the views from my window.  It was almost impossible to take a bad picture.

We've made some progress repairing a couple of old outbuildings this past week, getting the foundations re-poured in preparation for shoring up the walls and re-roofing to keep out the rain and snow.  This will provide more efficient animal housing and storage space.

Dinky, our little Hereford cow had a calf a few days ago.  We drove the mule out into the field to check on cows and came upon the newborn snoozing in the sunshine.  The first day or so, newborn calves do not run away, so we were able to pet and admire her.  I looked up to see Dinky steaming over.  If I hadn't noticed her, she surely would have knocked me over -- she was that agitated over our handling of the new baby!  She's moved the baby into the high brush and is hiding with her for now.  I expect we'll see the baby running with the other calves in a few more days.  There are three others frolicing in the crisp Autumn weather.


CountryDew said...

Gorgeous shot! said...

We were just talking about you and Don the other day. Wish we could run over and raid your fridge for sandwich stuff and hang out sampling some of your homemade wine and fig stuff.

Redhen said...

Hey, come on over -- Anita is invited as well! It's just a hop, skip, and a jump from Texas to Virginia.

Iron Rye said...

Great picture. Do your brambles require a lot of work?

Redhen said...

Thanks. The picture is just exactly as the light fell. I did not manipulate it in any way.

The brambles take no work, unless you want to remove them. Then, it is a hard and dangerous job.

The goats clear them out where they are allowed to graze.