Friday, March 12, 2010

The Geese are Laying

The geese are laying.  It must be Spring.

Things are winding down to a steady routine in the goat barns.  I managed to get out to do a number of errands yesterday. 

We are back to light rains and warmer temperatures.  I imagine that any greens alive in the garden will benefit.  I planted some peas and hauled a little compost to the garden beds.  Three of the chicken coops are cleaned out.  Big piles of pruned material are on the lawns and most of the asparagus/berry beds have been cleaned out and raked.

Most of the ag records are "spreadsheeted" and I'm ready to plug them into the tax software.

I've made half-hearted attempts to begin cleaning up the greenhouse to start seedlings.  I guess I think that direct seeding works best outdoors for most crops.  Still, I'll start some peppers and tomatoes and see what I might plant out in the plastic garden.

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