Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Dying of the Light

I don't know why I'm so aware of it. We seem to be speeding toward the Solstice, but the truncation of daylight has such a weird effect.

Yesterday, we were doing ear tagging in the barn and taking pictures of each little goat with its new numbered tag. Once four p.m. came, it was difficult to take pictures, even with a flash.

I will be glad when the days get longer. Ironically, this will happen on the first day of Winter in the Northern Hemisphere. In the meantime, I'm not going to fight the temptation to settle in for a long Winter's nap.


catnapping said...

Winter finally showed up on Missoula's doorstep. We had windchills of 40B, last night...and right now, I'd say they're about 25B.

I've been feeding the birds, hoping to help them survive.

I've come to look forward to winter...the white and grey of it...colours that might otherwise be missed in the sun, just pop out.

There is a section along the Clark Fork (river) where the bushes in one particular stand have bark the colour of burgundy.

And then mingled with those bushes...a fuzzy sort of border exists, because there is another stand of bushes with bark the colour of sunflower petals (after they've peaked, and been looked after by the bees).

To see this against a back drop of steel grey and silver...sometimes, I have to stop, just to take it all in.

Redhen said...

Catnapping, I read your Christmas story and thought it wonderful and wonderfully sad.