Thursday, May 29, 2008


That's what I am -- weary.

After Saturday morning at the Farmers' Market, I hopped on the second tractor and started raking the hay my husband had cut. This tractor doesn't have a nice cab and I raked until nearly dark. It was chilly by the time I finished.

The next day, I hopped on the tractor again and raked from morning until late afternoon. It was hot and sunny on Sunday, so even though I was wearing a wide brimmed hat, my forearms and legs below my shorts got very sunburned.

My husband was working behind me, baling. He finished by Sunday night and moved all 24 round bales before it rained.

That was less than 50% of our hay fields, so it will all begin again when we have a couple more dry days.

A habitually barking dog has been depriving me of sleep on and off for months. Last night was quiet, so I feel less zombie-like than usual.

This morning, it is 47 degrees and foggy. That is nice for the end of May. In the cool mornings, the dominant scent is honeysuckle. The lavender is in bloom and needs to be cut. Flag iris needs to be cut into fans, as it is done blooming. Peonies will be dead-headed.

Berries are forming quickly on black and red raspberries. Gooseberries are green. Blackberries are blooming. I've even got a few strawberries ripe in the long bed I planted.

I've picked enough broccoli that we had it for dinner a few times. This morning, I plan to blanch and freeze some. There is enough spinach, kale, chard, and beet greens to sell. Beets are growing quickly. Cucumber plants, pole beans, and cabbages are up. I planted small tomato seedlings and squash seeds.

Guineas are hatching and being transferred to the brooder. The last batch of ducklings are sold.

We thought that kidding time was over, but drove up the hill to rescue a doe with her two newborn kids yesterday evening. The maternity barn will not get pressure washed yet.

I'm gearing up for the Saturday market and my husband is talking about cutting hay again this morning. And so it goes.

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