Saturday, February 09, 2008

Whistlin' Opera

First thing this morning, we went to the barn and loaded hay and feed to transfer over to the maternity barn. While unloading, we had the radio on. There was a story about the day Pavarotti couldn't make a performance, where he was scheduled to sing "Nessun Dorma" from Turandot. They hadn't played the aria yet, so while walking over to the goose house, I began whistling the melody. On the way back, I could hear my husband whistling it as well. We whistled a duet. As I got back from the geese, the radio was playing the aria. If YOU were listening to NPR while unloading YOUR hay this morning, you heard the program.

I was thinking: "I'll bet not that many farmers whistle arias while working around the barn." But, who knows, there may be more weird farmers than I know of.

It is warm and sunny today and the baby goats are outside jumping, leaping, dancing, and all the other fun stuff they do at this age. I've done a little pruning and garden clean-up, and am out the door as soon as this is written for more of the same.

We weren't the only ones whistling. Birds are out in force, chittering and feeding while they have the chance. Robins have been around for a week or more and I am seeing mating and nesting behavior already.

The geese are in miserable mating mode -- that's MMM -- a sure sign that Spring is near. They are cranky and uncooperative. I've also seen crocus and daffodils starting their upward sprouting. So, now, will I actually get the bushes pruned before Spring comes in full force? Tune in next month and find out.

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