Sunday, November 11, 2007

Putting the Gardens to Bed

Inside, I have this glorious blooming Christmas Cactus which is too spectacular to leave in the greenhouse.
Outside, I'm pulling out the formerly spectacular squash and watermelon vines -- now brown and crispy. Fallen leaves are raked and put into empty feed bags and stored in the barn to be given out as snacks to goats on future snowy days.
Picking up the garden hoses, I went to the barn to get some used sisal baling twine to secure them into coils.
It made me wonder: what do other farmers use the ubiquitous baling twine for? Do you have some unique uses for reusing it?
I always pick it up and put it in one place so that it doesn't trip me and trap me when I'm working in the barn. You don't want to leave it in pastures, because it can get wrapped around cutter blades and other farm machinery and do a lot of damage.
I've thought of crocheting sun hats from it, but never had the time to try it. We sometimes use it to secure cattle panels to gates. Come on, what else is it good for?

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