Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Squash Gourmet

The fearless squash hunter goes out at first light, and with her trusty squash knife held firmly in her teeth, she searches through the garden for exotic squashes.

After a successful hunt, she loads the squashmobile with attractive and tasty specimens: pink bananas, blue hubbards, kubochka, cheese pumpkins, sweet dumplings, and candy roasters fill the interior.

The squash gourmet, tired from the effort of lifting these mammoth fruits, nevertheless drives the squashmobile to its destination and unloads them. Sales were good. It seems a miracle that the plastic garden was successful at all.

There hasn't been a drop of rain since I last wrote here and it got hotter. We're just barely making it with water for the livestock and the garden is looking parched. There are still a few cucumbers and pumpkins ripening! It's hard to believe.

The squash gourmet was formerly "the watermelon gourmet" and took van loads of watermelons to the market as well.

The only thing really producing well currently is the fig tree. Some young egg customers got a sample of fresh figs right off the tree this morning and were properly impressed with their sweetness.

I've used up all the wine grapes and blackberries and they are fermenting into wine.

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