Friday, August 10, 2007

Dog Days

We've had four sequential days of temperatures of 100 degrees and humidity which must be fairly close to that. I come in from morning chores drenched in sweat. These are the dreadful, dreaded days of high summer.

Yesterday morning, I took my palm pilot out with me at about 6:30 a.m. to take update pictures of the plastic garden. It didn't occur to me that the camera would be all fogged up by the humidity at that early hour.

The pictures, I think, are lovely impressions of these hot, humid days. Although we are uncomfortable, the squash is happy.

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ginger said...

Hi there. You will be interested to know that we think Philip has completed the whizbang chicken plucker, at least his version! We hope to try it out this week. We have been plagued by health issues this summer, but too busy with farm life to get too upset about them. Picking over 20 gal. of wineberries in the middle of the crisis was true therapy. Great to meditate about the brambles of life and perseverance while struggling through the briars, getting scratched like the dickens but what a sweet reward for sticking with it. Just finished some canning. Grateful for the harvest. Grateful for a bed and pillow. Hope to see you soon. Peace to you in the middle of the tasks that await! And great hopes for some rain. Ginger