Friday, January 12, 2007

Farming and Eminent Domain in Virginia

Here's a story I just read in the New Farm Newsletter about Stoney Lonesome Farm in Gainesville, VA.

It paints a rather bleak, but very realistic story of the struggle of Virginia farmers to continue to exist in rapidly developing areas.

'Seems to me that lack of comprehensive plans which recognize the need for small family farms, especially those that use organic methods, is important in an age of energy crisis. The notion that our nation can be reliant only on huge factory farms and extensive trucking of produce across the nation is muddle-headed hogwash.

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UKBob said...

It might be muddle-headed hogwash but it's beyond our government to understand it and they are supposed to be the smart ones! They are forever telling us we are using too much energy and what have you yet they continue to import everything from half way round the world meanwhile our own farmers are on income support, sort of makes me feel pleased I'm not in the smart gang.