Sunday, September 17, 2006

Summer's End

A few trees have already begun to change color in the back pasture. Cows call like foghorns in the early morning in the pasture as densely gray and misty as the ocean. It is cool morning and evening and the windows can be open in the house.

Goldenrod is blooming and green nuts are visible in the thinning leaves of walnut and hickory trees.

The garden was just totally stunted after prolonged drought and intense heat. Once we turned the corner toward Fall and some rain came, lettuces sprang up and the chard has begun to grow again. The pepper plants did all right in the heat and seem to have a new lease on life now.

What is the farmer doing now? She is tying up loose ends and catching up on apple processing, winemaking, bottle washing, house cleaning, and herb gathering.

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Buffy said...

So wonderfully descriptive...