Tuesday, April 25, 2006


It's hard to find a minute to record notes here right now. The work is intense. However, it's worth noting that yesterday:

I picked the first of the asparagus.

In the woods, I found an entire steep hillside of pink trilium - and am so glad that we can preserve such treasures.

Red and green cabbages have been transplanted. Nearly all of the seeds I planted in the vegetable garden are now germinated. Tender plants await transplantation in the greenhouse.

We've established a routine with the first thirteen goat kids and are ready for the next batch to arrive. They will no doubt be the offspring of Bosephus. The small pasture has now been opened up for the babies and mothers for part of sunny, dry days.


Leslie Shelor said...

Nice to be able to take a few minutes and enjoy the beauty of the trillium! Glad 'birthin' season' is going so well!

Venitha said...

Ohmigosh, fresh asparagus. Enjoy it extra much for me!